The reasons why people go to escorts


The escort industry in Israel and abroad has always flourished. What are the causes of men, and sometimes women who want to pay for sex?


Exit routine


  1. When the marriage is long and exhausting, usually after six or seven years of marriage, people have a tendency to get bored and lose interest in each other. Life with children and the grinding routine sex life become dull and hard to get them back to life. In this situation, many of us find a solution to the use of escort services to include a manifest interest and hidden fantasies.


  1. When going on holiday in the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal, or Thailand, known for her volunteer exotic prostitutes escort services, escorts are becoming one of the main attractions of the country. Those who haven’t visited a prostitute in the red light district in Amsterdam, for example, must have felt that he missed one of the city’s major attractions. Vacation, people allow themselves to be released and discharged, and support services enhance the excitement and experience of your holiday.


A strong need


  1. Men have their sexual need stronger their partners or they do not have anyone at the moment. They are prepared to pay a prostitute to satisfy their needs – clearly they would prefer to find a partner, but it is not always available and there are moments of very strong needs, sometimes after drinking alcohol, which greatly increases the need, sometimes it’s much simpler to take out the purse and go to escort girls.


  1. Boys who haven’t yet experience sex. This are usually teenage boys, but there are people with physical and mental problems that make it difficult for them to get a partner. They cannot wait to find a partner and have sex with them, so they go to a prostitute that will also provide their need but mostly natural curiosity towards the subject.


Financial capability


  1. Very simple, one who’s money isn’t a problem for him, and the investment of several hundred dollars is negligible for him- naturally would prefer to go to a prostitute if he wants sex, instead of a flint which takes time and afford.
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