Gifts for escorts

Women love gifts! and a lot of wealthy customers are ready to give our escorts all kinds of presents to make them happy and satisfied. the ladies love it and perform better in bed after receiving a gift.

customers usually buy gifts for escorts that see them regularly, sometimes its a small gift, and sometimes its very expensive.

types of gifts

Amily escort

one of the most popular gift for escorts is sexy and tight lingerie, it can be a bra, or a small thong for her sexy butt. the girl usually remembers to wear the present in her next session with the man. she’ll be very happy with it and smile for days.

just ask her what size she wear and she’ll understand what your’e all about.

another gift is jewelries , in some cases its expensive diamonds but usually a more modest jewelry like earrings can do the trick.

escorts love it and will take extra care to make you happy next time you’ll meet them, they will be all smiles and pampering you with love.

another present is a gift card for a spa where she can go and spoil herself, she can do her nails or go into a Jacuzzi to relax and stay beautiful for you. you can also give her a gym card to slim her body for your pleasure.

A lot of men give escorts ladies perfume with their favorite smile, so she can wear it next time she’ll come to you.

intention is important

regardless of the gift or if she like it or not, the most important thing is the intention behind. there’s nothing that can make your escort happier than receiving a gift from her man , she’ll be super happy and ready to please.

its important to tell the woman that she won’t get gifts each session but only occasionally in her birthday or in valentines day.

gifts for escorts are a great way to tight the connection between her and the customer, you should try it out to see how it works for you.

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Disadvantages of discreet apartments of Escort Services

Sex apartments are an excellent option for those interested in escort services of all kinds without being exposed. Today there are apartments in the area range from standard apartments, ordinary, simple and exclusive apartments that include delectable treats and equipment. However, there are also disadvantages in discreet apartments who offer escort services. What are the disadvantages you ask? Examples of situations that can end up not really pleasantly.

The apartment is not really discreet as promised

Promises are one thing and reality is another. Sometimes they are advertised as private apartments and the discretion is not actual. When people look forward to discretion, they hope to have time dedicated just for them and there will not come in the middle of sexual intercourse interruptions as a knock on the door, up the stairs meeting with neighbours or roommates entry. Make sure with the escort girls interruptions like those won’t happen to enjoy your time.

Sex apartments are located in hazardous areas

Quite a few apartments that offer discreet apartments or private homes are located in dangerous areas. For example, in areas of crime neighbourhoods, a population of junkies and a level of infrastructure or scary places, especially in the dark. If the escort girl does not want to give detailed information on the phone, ask for information on the environment and be specific about the population in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Apartment in a bad shape to put it mildly

Apartments often discover a level of discretion and privacy does exist, but the level of maintenance of the apartment is close to zero. Apartments are dirty, messy, stained linen, bad smell in the air, toilet and shower in dismal condition. If the level of aesthetics is important to you, do not be shy to ask if the apartment is neat and clean so you do not get to a place that may hold you from the pleasure.

Parking indiscreet

It can be a very discreet apartment, but the parking lot? Definitely not! To enjoy a level of privacy and the utmost discretion, all elements related to the apartment must be totally discreet. Imagine that you are in the apartment and your car camp in a public area and one of your friends calls because he saw you around … it’s not pleasant. Always ask if there are parking lots hidden so as not to be exposed to others.

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Escorts services where to look?

In many major cities escort services will share flyers, put them on the windshield of your car. Implemented them in the mail or just drop them on the street for passers-by. Be careful and know that professional escort service invest in professional web sites and typically do not share this post flyers when it’s cheaper and less effective, also escort services will publish themselves in central and local newspapers for advertisement.

There are now dozens of websites of escort services that offer a variety of escort girls of all kinds and they can be market research, you can find out the details of escort service they offer and the prices. There you will find mostly high-quality health escorts and clean designed to bring the customer’s full satisfaction and to keep a good reputation.

It is recommended to use also the recommendation of friends you trust who use escort services in regular bases or once in a while and ask them, if you do not have friends like that, again it is best to use internet sites or newspapers and local papers.

Be careful from street escorts when some may use drugs and might not provide the reliable service, some of these escorts will be cheaper but you’ll might pay a different price. Some work for syndicates and other people who you won’t wish to get involved with, in case the girl was acting up and you didn’t want to pay. In addition to some of the girls in organized crimes are slaves labourers while elsewhere there are girls who work voluntarily, are brochures to specialize in sex because this profession pays very well and they enjoy their work, therefore, examine the escort services that you want to use and check details before you order.

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Escorts for tourists from abroad

A lot of tourists come from abroad, some for leisure and some for business purposes. Most of them would like to make use of their time in another country and enjoy the amenities. Tourists sometimes need a company or to take the advantage of the time they are being far from home and have a sexual release while they are away.

Businessmen from abroad or those who simply come to enjoy, can use a wide range of support services precedent in Israel substrates hundreds of escorts by dozens of Internet escort sites or escort agencies in the city. These escort services offer beautiful escorts talented, intelligent and       attractive escorts, many are multilingual and can be suitable for the needs of tourists and even speak their own language.

In addition they are offering a range of support services of all kind of call such as the European Russian or American etc. And one can experiment with a new girl in its origin who is not in his country.

Girls can   provide service beyond the pleasure satisfaction and the sexual release, they can go with them to entertainment spots most sought-after in the country whether it’s restaurants pubs clubs and more, they can go out to tourist sites and translate them explanations about the history or the places, participate with them the experience of being abroad and show Other places they like being at the beach or lake of the Yarden so won’t feel as they do not belong.

Business people who come to Israel on business purposes, escort girls can help them in their important meetings or occasions to impress the people they work with. Escort services offer escort who are very smart, some are educated and know the country. Escort girls know how to participate in intelligent conversations, they know when to shut up when to laugh and to show the customer their best and maintain high manners.

In conclusion escorts can be very useful for tourists, providing them with a sexual experience with a woman who isn’t from their origin and to help them on issues besides sex to make them feel as they belong to Israel.

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Pre-select Chat escort

Today, many support services with web sites offering professional precedent and preliminary chat with the escort. There are a variety of escort girls in dozens of sites and all offer sex.

If you are afraid to use escort services and feel it might be a little strange to invite an escort home, you do not yet know them and go straight to bed with them, that’s why the same person can chat with the escort and solve the problem. You can purchase the opportunity to talk to them and choose which one you want, you can subscribe for one month experience or monthly for a year.

You can contact the girl, and ask her intimate requests for payment, escorts, those would be willing to do almost anything and some port services more exclusive in exchange for extranet, support services such as costumes, bondage, BDSM, spanking and fetish, those who have deviations and want to realize them or just interested in trying out an extraordinary experience.

When talking with the escort girl you can create an emotional connection, connect the girl and see if there is attraction to her, if her body attracts you, if her manner of speech attracts you and if it looks like you can take with her the next step.

It can be scheduled with escorts anywhere, if not in your own home then there are options such as B & B, Hotels hostels and rooms by the hour and of course schedule the most convenient time. Each escort will take a different price and it is better to find out before, also the types of services she offers and if she works for the hour payment or by the act.

In conclusion there are a variety of escort girls in chat rooms that will be ready to recognize and respond to requests for intimacy, you will of course get to know the girl more closely and you can make with her a sexual connection before you invite her home.

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Why to book an escort?

Sometimes even if our life looks good, probably you sometimes found yourself at the office or at home, bored.

If you do not have a girlfriend, but also you want the warm intimacy with of a woman, you even find yourself horny and masturbating to porn, tired of fantasizing about beautiful girls, older women, blondes, brunettes – you want the real thing.

You do not want to spend time on dating sites, you do not have energy for those applications. You want it now, without effort. Sometimes you just want to treat yourself – and you deserve it.

Escort can provide you with these needs.

When you order an escort services you get a professional woman, smiling and intelligent which is there just for you.

Beyond that, if you are a businessman, certainly will not hurt you to go with a young girl, that will make you look powerful and influential, because you can get everything you want. Girlfriend beautiful and attractive makes you feel good and you respect better the environment.

Escorts are beautiful girls, whether older or if young – you can be confused and think they are models or movie stars. They are full of charisma and strong presence, and anyone who would meet with them will be impressed.

Your Call Girl is committed to maintaining your confidentiality and be yours for how long you want, and with escort girls you will never feel alone anymore, your confidence will grow and you’ll be happy and satisfied everyday life.

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The reasons why people go to escorts


The escort industry in Israel and abroad has always flourished. What are the causes of men, and sometimes women who want to pay for sex?


Exit routine


  1. When the marriage is long and exhausting, usually after six or seven years of marriage, people have a tendency to get bored and lose interest in each other. Life with children and the grinding routine sex life become dull and hard to get them back to life. In this situation, many of us find a solution to the use of escort services to include a manifest interest and hidden fantasies.


  1. When going on holiday in the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal, or Thailand, known for her volunteer exotic prostitutes escort services, escorts are becoming one of the main attractions of the country. Those who haven’t visited a prostitute in the red light district in Amsterdam, for example, must have felt that he missed one of the city’s major attractions. Vacation, people allow themselves to be released and discharged, and support services enhance the excitement and experience of your holiday.


A strong need


  1. Men have their sexual need stronger their partners or they do not have anyone at the moment. They are prepared to pay a prostitute to satisfy their needs – clearly they would prefer to find a partner, but it is not always available and there are moments of very strong needs, sometimes after drinking alcohol, which greatly increases the need, sometimes it’s much simpler to take out the purse and go to escort girls.


  1. Boys who haven’t yet experience sex. This are usually teenage boys, but there are people with physical and mental problems that make it difficult for them to get a partner. They cannot wait to find a partner and have sex with them, so they go to a prostitute that will also provide their need but mostly natural curiosity towards the subject.


Financial capability


  1. Very simple, one who’s money isn’t a problem for him, and the investment of several hundred dollars is negligible for him- naturally would prefer to go to a prostitute if he wants sex, instead of a flint which takes time and afford.
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The world of escort services in Israel is a world mysteriously


The world of escort services in Israel is a mysterious world, it is doubtful whether the reader of these lines will encounter some of it deeply, because although that hiring escort services in Israel is fairly common, about one in 8 admitted that use escort services during his lifetime, and the matter has not yet defined as consensus or acceptable in society, and not likely to ever be like that.


Many men are known to use escort services in Israel, it is no secret, and sure if he did not do it himself, he certainly heard some epic story from a friend of the time he went to a prostitute.


Men will use the escort services for many different reasons. Of course there is the matter of obvious libido that must be provided quickly, especially if there isn’t a partner and the fact that usually to get the kinds of girl into bed will take a guy a lot of effort and possibly a financial investment, it can also take a while before that happens, many prefer to save themselves the unnecessary pain, and forget what seems morals or their compliance with social norms and go to an escort girl.


But you may be surprised how much that reason is obvious, but is not the most common, there are many reasons that can lead to a situation in which a person decides to hire an escort. The principal is usually peer pressure.


Peer pressure leading to the use of escort services and escort reservations can be seen in a lot of ways, first of them is a bachelor party. All the guys are celebrating together the anticipated marriage of one of the gang, and the tradition, invite two or three escorts. Strippers come standard, in most cases these will be exposed to being topless and the service stops here and additional fees for those who want extra service, more comprehensive if you will. In this situation, high blood alcohol levels, and perhaps even some recreational drugs come on the scene, and with a group of men who are blown up with testosterone, two or three girls topless, horny levels are high. Then our nature as human beings, those who do not want to continue, for various reasons, will encourage their friends to take the escort services one step further, and continue with one of the girls alone in a room. A combination of state of the member which in any case had considered the matter carefully, plus pressure from his crucial final story.


Another situation where the social pressure exerted on the person leading him to the escort service contact is in a state of desire not to be the last to lose his virginity. The peer pressure effects the young man and he’s afraid to stay the last one standing and even might get laughed at by he’s friends or at best case his self-esteem will be hurt and he doesn’t want to get into such situation so he prefers to order an escort and end his worries quickly and easily without having to search for a difficult partner to find.


It seems that many things can serve as triggers for men to order escort services and call girls, but the bottom line to why inviting escort services, is because they can.

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Private and discreet apartments of escort girl

Many men are afraid to invite escort girls home for a number of reasons, they’re afraid they will leave traces or the wife might come back early or they are afraid of the dubious reputation of the escort services and they prefer not to take the risk.

Escort services today are very high quality and promises the finest girl from simple and cheap to expensive and luxurious, they keep a good reputation for themselves and won’t bother a customer if he pays properly and on time.

There are other possibilities for these men who prefer not to meet with the escort at home and do not want to spend a large sum on renting a hotel room, this option is discreet apartment’s escorts.

These apartments usually includes bath shower before and after sex, sex accessories and all kinds of toys, massage oils and soaps before sex and apartments are fully designed for sex with an amazing atmosphere of candles and red lights and a large, comfortable bed.

These apartments will usually have kitchenette as well as in hotel rooms, coffee and tea and alcohol. Stereo quality system to operate all kinds of music if you bring with you a song or a favourite tune, and sometimes these apartments also include bolder accessories exercised sex fantasies with handcuffs masks and other costumes.

Escorts choose the apartments to be hidden in case you fear an unexpected encounter with an acquaintance or friend of the wife. Sometimes those apartments are located in apartment buildings in the city center, sometimes in the offices of businesses of all sorts so if you bump into somebody you could say you were running errands or having a business meeting.

These hideouts apartments designed to provide peace and security for men, especially married or engaged men who fear an act of betrayal and there are also girl’s landlords luxury towers with guards preventing the entry of foreigners and encounter unexpected and enjoyable.

When setting to meet with the escort girl it’s preferable to consider whether to meet in discreet apartments or a hotel outside the city to maintain a higher level of confidentiality.

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Men tell – my first encounter with a call girl

In recent years, Israeli society has become much more open and more liberal. With the arrival of American culture into the living room of the average Israeli family we are exposed to many more sex, violence, drugs, and other factors that were considered to be allocated to the society until before a very small number of years. A domain escort services in Israel, even though there since the days of the Palmach and the establishment of the state, has become a side business, and developed since then, people today who wonder if to order escort services think things like “What will they say about me” and “What I am doing is wrong or it ok?” , here we will discuss about men and their first experience with escorts, their doubts before and their mentality after the experience itself.


Beni (27), is a young man, he first time was when he was 23 he tells “We went down to Eilat with like 8 friends and hired a vila, almost everyone had a room for himself and for fun one evening we decided to order an escort, we weren’t alone a few girls were with us, the escort girl gave us a show and at the end a few of my friends came to me and said they are inviting me to spend the time with the escort as a birthday present, at first I had doubts but since I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and I was pretty drunk I accepted. It was a lot of fun, you could tell she’s really into it and was professional about it and it was one of the best sex experiences I’ve ever had, I’ve ordered one again 6 months after and since than I’m using escort services here and there.”


Oren (37) tells a story very similar, “it was when I was 25 in Eilat, we went to a club and after the club me and my friend we went to search for girls, we met two beautiful girls and found out they were escorts, after I talked with them a bit I decided to take both to my room and I was amazed from what I have experienced, they were very professional and gave me an amazing treatment, once I was with one of them once with the other and once with both. Today I am married with kids and I still use escort services I don’t see anything wrong about it, my wife doesn’t know of course and it’s only sex so I am pleased with the idea and continue to do it.”

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How to choose escort girls

Today it is very easy to find escorts girls, once the process was much more complex and you would find them only in magazines of the weekend on the last page and do not always know how the girls look like.

Today there are dozens of sites, some of them show full pictures of escorts and others showing only their bodies but it is enough to understand how they look. A selection of dozens of sites has varied choices and a variety of many types of girls you can choose according to your taste, you need only conduct a market survey and check out what support services has the girl to your liking.

You can choose an escort by ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour, body height, weight, and with many other parameters.

Many men are afraid to order an escort home because of the price of the service but few know it ranges from 200 ₪ and can reach up to thousands of dollars to VIP escort section. You can also take advantage of the competition between the escorts services and lower costs without harming the quality and appearance of girls available.

Today, many Israelis are buying a lot of goods and services via the internet and compare the price of the product through sites like Zap and etc. There are professional escorts sites where you can fill out information of your area the kind of girl you want and the price you are willing to pay.

Usually after a few minutes you will get a call from several institutes that will offer you an attractive offers depending on a specific geographic region and a specified price.

If you are afraid to access websites of these services it can be searched in most newspapers, local and national. In addition there are also many apps that offer the same services, you can browse comfortably without leaving a trace.

Before deciding to bring a girl home, it is best to find out what the service includes and ask questions such as what price for the oral sex, anal, for how long the girl stays, what means of payment and so on.

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Releave stess with escort girls

Progress is a good and a positive thing, which brings a lot of convenience and new and interesting things , but with this new modern and technological world, most trades involve many hours of work, nature of work is full of stress and tension, and just routinely wears down you and you want to break it somehow. Many men in Israel who are experiencing the situation described use of escort services with escort girls, as tension release and relieve the tension of a busy work pace that imposed upon them.

Speaking to release stress, have been better to do it in the best way is not it? There are all kinds of occupations that can be as therapy , many are turning to sport , some find any hobby like photography or collecting stamps, many spend their money on buying products they do not need just so they have an excuse to do something not related to work field . But the truly wise men are those who turn to an oldest profession in the world, existing since the days of ancient Babylon which removes the stress most effective and of course the most fun , relaxing back and invite a woman to take care of all their needs .

Israel escort services girls offer quality time , with many unique skills , that will help you quickly forget about everyday troubles and sink into relaxation experience the best that can be offered . Escort girls in Israel are among the best in the world , and there is of course a selection of all types of girls you might prefer . Most girls are typically from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union , which are usually girls who know the job, and do it passionately and energetic. There are also many Asian who came to Israel to look for other jobs and come work in the escort field . Many French from last wave of immigrants arrived from France and many of them filling the ranks of escort girls , that are very hot and experienced and provide a outstanding serene experience . And the Israeli course considered as hot escort girls on a global scale , of course there will be a great choice .

You can be easily and efficiently through a variety of websites that offer escort services call girls that provide a variety of services priced by vary by region and level of girls . Usually there will be those indexes that link you with a phone number or locate choice of escort services , site where you can find information about the girls , pictures (usually a blur on the face ) , physical data of the girl, preferences , what she does and does not do , availability, and sometimes will also price. Order by phone instead, there will be made in advance, if you are not comfortable in your home then there if you need to rent a room in a hotel.

In addition many escort services in Israel are promoting themselves using familiar flyers began after enacted a law prohibiting advertising escort services and escort girls in the written press and media channels accepted . Escort services in major cities flooded areas of leaflets , in strategic places , and flyers of course do that would draw the eye in hopes of lifting them off the floor and then pick up the phone and call . You can also contact the taxi drivers are very familiar with the industry and ask them a recommendation .

Escort services is a great way to ease stress and pressure release quality , and Israel has an excellent supply of escort services and escort girls designed just for this mission .

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Diary of VIP escort girl

Anais is a quality escort girl from Ukrainian who began working escort services in Tel Aviv two years ago, but Anais is not like the other girls typical coming into this field due to inability to fit in other professions , or the knowledge of making a lot of money very quickly and without too much hard work. Anais was born in Kiev in 1988 to educated parents at average family , studied at the University communication studies and political science , but did not want to continue the path that life led her to. “It was clear what I was going to do and how I’m going to continue living here and when I thought about it I was not happy and I realized that I had to do something bold and take a drastic step later in life. Girlfriend who was in my university told me about a guy who sends girls working girls in various countries . I turned to him and he was excited and said that within a week I will go. heard that I was going to Israel I did not know what to think , I have not heard anything about this country except that it has a conflict with the Arab countries and that there is a strong army. When arrived I saw a developed country with a vigorous lives and it seemed that everything was going to be right in joy, but I started with the work itself, and it was not easy at all.

Indeed area of escort services is a profession that takes time getting used to, says Anais , “At first it’s very funny, I used to think that having sex comes with feelings and I was used to select the partners of mine by parameters that interested me then , while in the escort services all kinds of such creatures come to you is not likely you find yourself with them outside of work , but very slowly once you get used also revealed that each of them is a man with a life story and emotions then you can connect to customers also at other levels other than a physical act. ”

After two years of working as an escort girl in team of escort services in Tel Aviv, Anais has many distinctions about that lifestyle , and she has no regrets about the direction she chose to go, ” I get to meet very interesting people in that profession and make connections I’m sure it worth when I decide to stop working in the escort field, people from all kinds of areas , particularly high achievers and rich , I work escort services agency that targets quality customers. I’m learning a lot about myself and life , the last two years as a call girl , I think I went through in terms of life experience than what I had been through all that before this period . Escort services it profession with a bad name , but from my perspective , it’s of course is much better than a lot of girls with really luck of fortunate , is a profession that apart from making money girls do not see anywhere else without training crazy seniority , I make a lot of almost every aspect of life, you can think of.

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