Before you call escort

Stay clean

One of the main things escorts dislike is bad smell from the man who call them, so it is very important to take a shower before calling a girl. the girls take effort to stay clean themselves and expect men to do the same.

It can be solved by taking a shower beforehand and prevent embarrassment during the session, than the escorts can perform their work to the higher standards.

Respect the escort

Its important to talk to the escorts with respect and not shout at them or demand things they don’t want to do. escort girls are human being and demand respect the same way they respect their customers

If treated with respect the girls are nicer and perform better in bed, otherwise they are moody and want to leave as soon as possible.

Sometimes the customer is happy with the session and sometimes he doesn’t but its important to move on even if not completely satisfied and just try a different girl.

Time is up

When its time for the girl to leave don’t try to keep her for more time, she is paid by the hour and leaves when she needs to go, if more time requested you need to pay for the extra time.

Keeping the girl overtime is like stealing from her and isn’t respectful.

Alfina escort girl

Don’t overwork the girls

Some ladies like to work hard in bed to satisfy their men and do all kinds of kinky stuff for his pleasure, but sometimes they are tired or not in the mood and its important not to overwork the girl just because you paid her.

Some escorts are new and shy so you can’t demand from them things they don’t want to do.

So to wrap up its very important to take a shower before an evening with the escorts, you can also put some perfume. its also important to treat them with dignity and respect like they treat you.


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