Private and discreet apartments of escort girl

Many men are afraid to invite escort girls home for a number of reasons, they’re afraid they will leave traces or the wife might come back early or they are afraid of the dubious reputation of the escort services and they prefer not to take the risk.

Escort services today are very high quality and promises the finest girl from simple and cheap to expensive and luxurious, they keep a good reputation for themselves and won’t bother a customer if he pays properly and on time.

There are other possibilities for these men who prefer not to meet with the escort at home and do not want to spend a large sum on renting a hotel room, this option is discreet apartment’s escorts.

These apartments usually includes bath shower before and after sex, sex accessories and all kinds of toys, massage oils and soaps before sex and apartments are fully designed for sex with an amazing atmosphere of candles and red lights and a large, comfortable bed.

These apartments will usually have kitchenette as well as in hotel rooms, coffee and tea and alcohol. Stereo quality system to operate all kinds of music if you bring with you a song or a favourite tune, and sometimes these apartments also include bolder accessories exercised sex fantasies with handcuffs masks and other costumes.

Escorts choose the apartments to be hidden in case you fear an unexpected encounter with an acquaintance or friend of the wife. Sometimes those apartments are located in apartment buildings in the city center, sometimes in the offices of businesses of all sorts so if you bump into somebody you could say you were running errands or having a business meeting.

These hideouts apartments designed to provide peace and security for men, especially married or engaged men who fear an act of betrayal and there are also girl’s landlords luxury towers with guards preventing the entry of foreigners and encounter unexpected and enjoyable.

When setting to meet with the escort girl it’s preferable to consider whether to meet in discreet apartments or a hotel outside the city to maintain a higher level of confidentiality.

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