Gifts for escorts

Women love gifts! and a lot of wealthy customers are ready to give our escorts all kinds of presents to make them happy and satisfied. the ladies love it and perform better in bed after receiving a gift.

customers usually buy gifts for escorts that see them regularly, sometimes its a small gift, and sometimes its very expensive.

types of gifts

Amily escort

one of the most popular gift for escorts is sexy and tight lingerie, it can be a bra, or a small thong for her sexy butt. the girl usually remembers to wear the present in her next session with the man. she’ll be very happy with it and smile for days.

just ask her what size she wear and she’ll understand what your’e all about.

another gift is jewelries , in some cases its expensive diamonds but usually a more modest jewelry like earrings can do the trick.

escorts love it and will take extra care to make you happy next time you’ll meet them, they will be all smiles and pampering you with love.

another present is a gift card for a spa where she can go and spoil herself, she can do her nails or go into a Jacuzzi to relax and stay beautiful for you. you can also give her a gym card to slim her body for your pleasure.

A lot of men give escorts ladies perfume with their favorite smile, so she can wear it next time she’ll come to you.

intention is important

regardless of the gift or if she like it or not, the most important thing is the intention behind. there’s nothing that can make your escort happier than receiving a gift from her man , she’ll be super happy and ready to please.

its important to tell the woman that she won’t get gifts each session but only occasionally in her birthday or in valentines day.

gifts for escorts are a great way to tight the connection between her and the customer, you should try it out to see how it works for you.

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