Disadvantages of discreet apartments of Escort Services

Sex apartments are an excellent option for those interested in escort services of all kinds without being exposed. Today there are apartments in the area range from standard apartments, ordinary, simple and exclusive apartments that include delectable treats and equipment. However, there are also disadvantages in discreet apartments who offer escort services. What are the disadvantages you ask? Examples of situations that can end up not really pleasantly.

The apartment is not really discreet as promised

Promises are one thing and reality is another. Sometimes they are advertised as private apartments and the discretion is not actual. When people look forward to discretion, they hope to have time dedicated just for them and there will not come in the middle of sexual intercourse interruptions as a knock on the door, up the stairs meeting with neighbours or roommates entry. Make sure with the escort girls interruptions like those won’t happen to enjoy your time.

Sex apartments are located in hazardous areas

Quite a few apartments that offer discreet apartments or private homes are located in dangerous areas. For example, in areas of crime neighbourhoods, a population of junkies and a level of infrastructure or scary places, especially in the dark. If the escort girl does not want to give detailed information on the phone, ask for information on the environment and be specific about the population in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Apartment in a bad shape to put it mildly

Apartments often discover a level of discretion and privacy does exist, but the level of maintenance of the apartment is close to zero. Apartments are dirty, messy, stained linen, bad smell in the air, toilet and shower in dismal condition. If the level of aesthetics is important to you, do not be shy to ask if the apartment is neat and clean so you do not get to a place that may hold you from the pleasure.

Parking indiscreet

It can be a very discreet apartment, but the parking lot? Definitely not! To enjoy a level of privacy and the utmost discretion, all elements related to the apartment must be totally discreet. Imagine that you are in the apartment and your car camp in a public area and one of your friends calls because he saw you around … it’s not pleasant. Always ask if there are parking lots hidden so as not to be exposed to others.

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